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Today I Am 39

Wow.  How on earth did this happen?  I don’t feel almost 40.  I don’t even feel 39.  And I think if most people looked at me they would not think I was 39.  Or maybe I am just fooling myself, maybe they actually do.   I feel as wise as 39 has earned me.  And I feel finally as if I am listening to myself, my own dreams, my own whispers.  Which I really, really, really like.

But my parents seemed WAY older at 40 than I feel.  Of course I was 7 then.  And I am not 40 yet.

A few weeks ago over at freeplaylife, Tiffany had us make our own superheroes.  Here is mine:

the evolving homemaker superhero

She is a bad ass. And totally reflects me.  Even down to the combat boots and pink hair.  As soon as I started to make her hair I said, “It needs to be pink.” And knew it.  I have always wanted pink hair.  That is the truth.  I was all giddy after she came to fruition and jumped on the treadmill to try to get my exercise for the day.

As I was walking/running, I thought to myself, “Why CAN’T I have pink hair?”  Really.  Why can’t I?

So I created a pink hair pin board.

And then I called my hairdresser who I hadn’t seen in 6 months due to intense time constraints.

And last Thursday I went to her.

pink highlights the evolving homemaker

And I have pink highlights.  And I want more.

[ink highlights the evolving homemaker

I LOVE it.  And I have an appointment on the 16th of this month for more.  It is trial and error.  I can’t see it from the front, and i want to be able to.  I really wanted more of a statement.  This is the first time EVER I have dyed my hair any color at all.  And it feels pretty dang fun.  I have dreams of changing the color of the highlights whenever I feel the desire for a different whimsical color.

So there you have it.  My birthday present to myself for 39.  Wow.  Tomorrow I will let you know what I am beginning today for my own longevity.  39 and 2012 I am taking by the balls.  I am not jokin’ around in case anyone thought I was. This is serious.  My own life, happiness, and joy are on the line and I am not leaving it up to the ebbs and flows of daily life.

Nope.  I am exploring.  Writing. Experimenting.  Trying new things.  Deeply listening to my internal wanderings. Planning some mini family vacations.  Reading.  Getting playful.  Adding some spunk.  Trying not to take too many things too seriously.  Remembering the fragility of it all when I become a wee bit complacent. And just going for it.

Today is all we have, and I want to make the damn best of it.  And I also want to be cognizant of teaching my kids that they can give themselves permission to do the same; to live by their own rules.  We only have ourselves to reach for what is fulfilling to our own souls yearnings.  Why on earth do we sit around waiting for an invitation to do so?

Here is your invitation.  Get to work.  And have some fun.


11 Responses to “Today I Am 39”

  1. Mama Wolf (WeyMama) Says:

    You go, girl–Happy Birthday. :) I love your highlights! I am growing my hair out right now…maybe I will put some purple in it instead of my usual summer-auburn.

  2. Linda Says:

    Love it! All of it! :-)

  3. Ann Says:

    I love your hair!! I love YOU! Happy birthday!! :)

  4. cpcable Says:

    Happy birthday! You have very beautiful hair. I love the highlights!

  5. Janine Says:

    Looks great! Happy birthday!

  6. tiffani Says:

    This is inspired right here! I turned 39 this year, and it’s been nothing but awesome. Or, rather, the non awesome parts are no big because my awesome takes them by the balls. LOL. I love your pink highlights!

  7. Emily T. Says:

    How awesome! Happy birthday to you (and no.. you definitely don’t appear to be 39). Rock on!

  8. Evi Says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!
    Love your blog, love your hair and I love you even though we have never met in person!
    Things are crazy here, hubby and kids are sick so I do not have the time to comment more often but I always read your posts :)

  9. jen Says:

    thank you ladies! you are all so awesome! Evi, hope your clan feels better soon!


  10. amy Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Jen! I LOVE your pink hair, and I agree, you need MORE! And yes, especially in the front, so you can see them every time you look in the mirror. How fun, good for you! (…hmmm, maybe I will get some pink highlights for my birthday. Post more pictures when you get more pink, I want to see it!) Miss you Jen! xo

  11. jenparsons Says:

    will post more. and EVERYONE should get pink for their birthday’s this year! wouldn’t that be fun! the year of the badass pink mama….sounds good to me.

    miss you too my friend!


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