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Felt Fairies And Felt Gnomes

So, a few months ago I made some felt gnomes, which you can see here, and some felt fairies, which you can see here.  The only problem?  My dog ate them.  I just didn’t do my homework, the dog really did eat each and every one, save for the blue fairy my son took to his room and set on the windowsill.  She didn’t eat them all at once, she was methodical about her murderous ways, one. at. a. time.  They were each sitting on our nature table, and while the rest of us were busy getting a restful night of sleep, she swiped them, chewed them, and left them in a pile of wood and felt mess in front of the door.

We were sad.  And I had no desire to remake them anytime soon.  BUT, my nieces birthday was yesterday, so in light of trying to make most gifts homemade this year I decided to send her a family of felt fairies and gnomes.  If you are looking for the pattern to these adorable little creatures, look no further than here for the gnomes and here for the fairies.

the evolving homemaker felt fairies and gnomes
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Here is the whole family.  I want one for myself.  Not sure I want to start on a whole new family at this moment!

the evolving homemaker waldorf felt gnomesThe gnomes.

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the evolving homemaker waldorf felt faires
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The fairies.

the evolving homemaker how to make felt fairiesThe cute little flowers on top of each of their caps.  I can say I have finally mastered the art of the french knot.

the evolving homemaker waldorf fairies and gnomesI tucked them all into a bag that something from Target came in, I can’t remember what that something was, a pillowcase, sheets, something of that nature, but it made the perfect bag for a little girl who also has a doggie that may prove dangerous to such a family.

the evolving homemaker crafting with kidsAnd just in case you are thinking to yourself, “How the hell does she have time to do these crafts while keeping the rest of her world together?”, this photo is for you.  This is the mess my kids, and that murderous dog, made in my bedroom while I was cutting and gluing and sewing my little gnomes and fairies.  Every single cushion from our couch is in there, plus the mattresses they have been sleeping on the last few days, plus a whole pile of clean towels from the bathroom and a bunch of pieces of paper they made into a campfire and roasted real marshmallows and chocolate squares over.

So yes, I craft, but don’t think that doesn’t mean some other disaster is being made in the house while I am doing it.  Cause it is. And, there was also an injury along the way:

the evolving homeaker glue gun injuryI had just glue gunned one of the bodies of the gnomes, dropped it, went to grab it before it burned our carpet, and ended up with a swath of glue on my finger.  As I peeled the glue off, part of my skin came with it.  So in all reality crafting with children in the house is not all sunshine and lollipops, without a little pain and mess.

This, just in case you thought I was wonder woman or something, and you are a miserable failure cause you can’t do it ‘all’.  Wonder woman does not exist.

Felt Fairies

Here they are, our new little nature table friends.  I used the flower fairy pattern and instructions from Wee Folk Art again which you can find here.  The gnomes were so dang cute I couldn’t help but use their adorable pattern for the fairies too.

felt fairy the evolving homemaker

This is the daffodil fairy.  She was the first one I tried and WOW, it did take awhile to figure out.  The two I made after became much easier with each attempt!  I had to You Tube search the running stitch and the daisy stitch and learn them as I went, but it was worth it, and not very hard once I saw the videos.

waldorf felt fairy the evolving homemaker

The blue one was the next, and my son picked out all the colors.  It was quite adorable how cute he thought they were.  He was equally excited as his sister to get one that he designed made especially for him.

nature table felt fairy the evolving homemaker

The pink and purple fairy was the last to make, and it was WAY faster than the first one.  Once I got the hang of the new stitches I needed to learn it was a breeze.

The flowers came from our local gardening center.  When we got our seeds and raspberries the other day, they were trimming a bunch of plants and let the kids gather however many they wanted from the floor!  Perfect for the spring nature table.

the evolving homemaker natural wood blocks

The wood blocks are the Branch Block Building Set from Imagine Childhood. You can see them here.  I actually got them for the kids for Christmas, and thought they were bigger.  When they came I thought they were a bit too old for the blocks  so I didn’t give the blocks to them, but put them on a shelf in my closet for maybe a birthday for another little child.  But then when we finished the nature table, I thought they were perfect!

And the kids have been playing with them everyday since, arranging their fairies, rocks, blocks, flowers, and gnomes!

the evolving homemaker nature table for kids

We used the yellow play silk from our dying activity here a few weeks ago to cover our log, and this little space is ready for little hands to explore and add their own natural touches too.

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