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Enough Already

I bought four books last night.

Count em’.


Two of them were cookbooks.

Which I never buy cause they are so darn expensive.  But I had a coupon for buy one get on 50% off.

I have really been into food lately.

The quality of food.  The politics of food.  Clean eating.  Trying to make healthier food again. Eating close to the earth.  Eating for my health and the health of my family and the health of the planet.

You get the picture.

The only problem is, is that I have probably 100 books in the house I haven’t read. Before you get to riled up, most of them come from the annual $1 sale at our local library.  I just can’t seem to help myself but to go every year…

The ones on my nightstand however are usually full price, gifts, or bought with a Border’s coupon.

I go through these phases of interests!  When a new interest pops up, like food, I get all giddy to find out all the information I can about it.  I am an insatiable information gatherer.  To a fault if you asked my ex-shrink!  (She was referring to all the worldly issues I used to fill my mind and spirit with)

So for the first time in a long time, I feel an immense amount of guilt at my purchase at the bookstore last night. Even if I really do need a few quality food cookbooks, if I am going to begin to make quality food for my family.  The guilt is there and I just can’t shake it.

I am making a commitment today to myself.  I am making a commitment to the simple life I want.  I am making a commitment to minimalist living and the fun of scavenger hunts for the books I want to read.

I am not buying even one book for one year.

If I have learned anything in that time, I won’t run out to the bookstore the day before next Thanksgiving and load up on all the quality reading options that have come out in the last year that the library didn’t have.  I will have learned to get creative, or opened library accounts in neighboring towns at least!  I will have learned that the same information can probably be found in other books.  I will hopefully have discovered, that whatever void it is I fill with buying books, can be filled with other things…not ice cream either. I will accept that just because a fabulous author is coming for a booksigning, doesn’t mean I can’t go LISTEN without BUYING.

Even if that means my all-time favorite author, Terry Tempest Williams, comes out with a new book.  If she does, hopefully she will release it just before my birthday in March and I can ask for it! After all, every book she has written, I have a signed copy of.  Or my husband can surprise me with it on some random day because he loves me…hahahahahahahahahhahaha…oh that is funny.

Even if we know each others love languages, it doesn’t mean we remember to act on it.

So that is it.  For on year, I will not buy a book for myself.  It will have to come in the form of a gift or the library or the old fashion borrowing from a friend tactic.

I have anxiety about this.  Seriously.  I can barely breathe. But I also think it will become a fun challenge for me!

And I do want to be living simpler…and there is no time like the present to start, especially considering tomorrow we will be counting our blessings for all we DO have!

Spill it: OK, time for you to share your addiction!  Do you buy clothes you don’t need?  Do you buy craft things you won’t get too? Do you buy books?  Things for your kids? What addiction do you have that you just can’t stop yourself from heading toward?

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