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New Knitting Project

It is Wednesday again, I am not sure I like being this clear about how fast my weeks fly by.  Nevertheless, here we are yet again with Small Things and the yarn along delight of seeing so many amazing projects.

Dare I say it?

Out loud?

I am not sure I should…

I am trying something on double ended needles.

I am serious.

Last week at this time, I had just finished my first ever knitted hat.  I didn’t know what I would do next, should I practice the hat again before moving on?  Or should I dive into something else?  What was a gal to do?

Find inspiration.

Which is exactly what I got last week perusing all the projects until I was reminded about fingerless gloves.  I have been dying for some, and wanting to learn to make them, but trying to work my way up slowly through knitting endeavors so I don’t get in over my head.  I found this seemingly easier pattern at A Friend To Knit With which I fell in love with right away.  I want to try both patterns.

I am new to double ended needle knitting, duh, so I needed a little You Tube love to get started.  Of all the videos I found, this one seemed the easiest to see what she is doing and also made the most sense to me and my logical brain.

And here is my current project:

knitting fingerless gloves

Needless to say, not much reading happened this week so the books are still the same.  But I am just super excited that I started this glove yesterday morning and it feels like I have made a surprising amount of progress.  Hopefully next week I will have at least one of them done, I still don’t know what “Knit 4, slip next 4 stitches to a piece of waste yarn, CO 4 stitches using the bakward loop method, knit to end” means, but I am willing to bet I will figure it out when I need to.

Yeah!  I finally feel like I am making some knitting progress and moving up the challenge ladder.  Before you know it I will be on to sweaters.  O.k. maybe not, but still, FINGERLESS GLOVES!

What are you challenging yourself with this week?  On the needles or off?  In the pages of a book? Or not?

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