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Paint Chip Reading Activity

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Obviously, I have a love of books.  Obsession…love…so interchangeable…

I would like to be able to pass on my love of words to my children.  If they latch on to it great, if not, that is alright too I suppose.  But I would be sad that they will miss out on so many adventures and tales that are sure to expand what they think of the world and what they think about themselves.

But we can’t have everything as parents can we?  Might as well learn that little factoid now.

But last week, a dear homeschooling friend passed on this fabulous blog to me that I found fascinating and I will be doing a multitude of these projects when I get home!  One I have finished already!

The blog is The Snail’s Trail and this little work box activity was so brilliant I was disappointed I hadn’t thought of it myself!  I hit up Home Depot and Lowe’s the very day I discovered it and got to work. Visit her site for the full list of consonants, word families, and diagraphs that I used.

I couldn’t find the long paint chips of seven at any of the stores I scoped, so I used the ones with four paint chips and did my best!  But it was fun, and I can’t wait to get back from vacation and start school with these gems to help us out!


So smart and so easy! Enjoy!

Spill it: Any brilliance of ideas/websites you have come across that you wish you had thought of first?  Any fun ideas for passing on the love of reading, if we get so lucky, to your kids?

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