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It is funny this morning, I thought I didn’t really have much to say today, maybe I would skip a post.  I checked on some of my favorite blogs and Farmama had a post about time.   She gets a lot of things I am completely jealous of done.  A few days ago she was spinning her own yarn from her own sheep.

I am still trying to finish a sewing pattern I started last Thursday.  Of course I discovered after I cut it out, that I needed a button foot on my sewing machine, which I don’t have, at least I don’t think I have…no laughing people.  I claim to be EVOLVING.

I have been noticing how I spend my time lately, and while reading the soon to be disclosed book this past weekend, I came across a passage that referred to the pile of books that might be on ones nightstand.  Still waiting to be read.  The anxiety that might cause.

Hello?  Do these people have a camera on my nightstand?

To alleviate the pressure to read everything, and everything that I checked out of the library recently too, I went through my stack yesterday and returned everything to the library I didn’t need to read right now.  I kept a few books on homeschooling I still need to peruse, one on needle felting even though I am not sure I will get to it by the due date, the one I am reading now, and one a friend suggested I read based on my son and his schooling. A couple other random ones stayed in the mix, but everything else went back.

All the kids books we weren’t using, all the books I would never find time to read without feeling a time crunch, all the ones I just wouldn’t get to, the ones I would peruse instead of actually read.  I felt lighter and less anxious right away.  It was freeing to make that choice.

Ok I would be lying if I didn’t also say I did BUY three books yesterday after I dropped the said ones off at the library.  I bought three Thich Nhat Hanh books.  I like to underline important books to me and go back, can’t do that with library books.  I really wanted to begin my mindful journey long before the retreat in August.  I really also felt the need, personal necessity, to begin living more peacefully and mindfully. To do that, I need serious constant reminders.

These are the only three books I have purchased since my decision not to buy any in a year that were not on a gift card.  It was a mindful purchase that I really thought through and just didn’t go buy on a whim.  For me, these are readings I would like to have and refer to over and over.  And will probably NEED to refer to them over and over, I have a thick skull.

So there.  Time can be made in so many places.  It is up to us to decide how and where we spend it!

Spill it: What do you spend a lot of time doing that you could skip to get to other things you have only dreamed about getting to?  Do you ever consciously choose to stop doing one thing so you can do something else instead?

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