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Knitting Fingerless Gloves

Somebody stop me.

Not kidding.

It is 12:07 AM and I can’t put my knitting down.  I feel SO close to being done with my first glove that I just want to keep going, and going, and going.  Unfortunately I am NOT, I repeat, NOT the energizer bunny.  A night with such little sleep can throw me off for an entire week.  I will pay for this knitting escapade tomorrow.  I mean today.

how to knit fingerless gloves the evolving homemaker

Yeah, you can even see the whole I created in the glove at 7.5 inches.  Remember how I was afraid of this sentence: “Knit 4, slip next 4 stitches to a piece of waste yarn, CO 4 stitches using the backward loop method, knit to end”?  With lots of positive messages last week and a leap of faith, I pulled it off.

I have a hole.

I have never been quite so proud of a hole before.  I am not yet sure what I have to do with the 4 stitches hanging on the extra piece of yarn, but when the time comes I am beginning to think I will figure it out just fine.  I am in love with this pattern and the look of these gloves.  I imagine there will already be a new pair on the needles this time next week.

And maybe, gasp, a pair of socks will soon grace the needles.

As for reading, I just started a class at my church in which the required reading is The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.  So far so good, it is mostly about keeping a positive attitude, using positive affirmations, and positive prayer.  I tend to be one that when one negative thought gets in my head, I latch on like a leach in the Amazon.  I play it over, and over, and over until I am really worked up in anxiety, depression, or just foulness.

I don’t want to do that anymore.  Thankfully, Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle is simply WONDERFUL.  Lots of little snippets that I can read in the car waiting for coffee in the Starbucks drive-thru, or for five minutes when I first wake up, or the two minutes I might grab at one of my kiddos gymnastics classes.  It has an amazing power to bring you back to the present moment, to remind you to breathe, and allow you to remember what is really important in the grande scheme.  I have practically underlined the whole book.  Totally true.

So what are you working on this week?  Just staying awake and get through your day?  Or a masterpiece is being born? Do tell.

This Yarn Along update is being brought to you by Ginny over at Small Things.  Check it out.  You might be inspired to try something new!  Or something at all. Whichever.


27 Responses to “Knitting Fingerless Gloves”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Your are knitting one of my favorite patterns. For your four stitches hanging, you are going to put them on a dpn and knit, picking up stitches along the opening of the thumb as you go around. [it will look like a wee little cuff opening]. Once you get the hang of it, it really is easy. If you have any questions I would be glad to help.
    Have a happy yarn along.

  2. Pamela Says:

    Fingerless gloves are very cool.

  3. jenparsons Says:

    thanks tracey! i am just so dang excited about it all! lol


  4. Claire Says:

    Surely a sign of a good book if all of it is underlined!! And even better one that can be read in snippets, that sounds perfect to me! Hope you don’t regret your late night craftiness too much, as long as you enjoyed it!

  5. Emily@theNest Says:

    That looks very impossible, ha ha: I saw a great picture of crocheted fingerless gloves recently and have been trying to finish up several other projects to give mself time to “have a go”. I am definitely getting the Echart Tolle book, I love books that resonate, even in snippets :)

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I’ve knitted that pattern too. They will be lovely when they are finished. I’m just the same. If I’m knitting into the night, I just can’t stop. Just one more row, turns into several inches. Hmm.

  7. Joy Says:

    The pattern looks lovely. I’ll bet the fingerless gloves will be nice in that gray.

  8. Kristen Says:

    Fingerless gloves look fun. Congrats on the hole :)

  9. Ellen Says:

    I’ve done late-night/early morning knitting like that too. The gloves look good so far. Hope you finish it this week.

  10. swanski Says:

    The gloves look fabulous! I say keep knitting until they are done, then you can wear them!! Your thumb hole is beautiful :)

  11. Jen Says:

    I LOVE this pattern! I’ve made many many pairs of these. Only a few with the thumb though because the same part always makes me nervous just like you! I love the yarn choice! I hope you won’t be too sluggish today….but I totally understand the feeling of needing to finish before bed. Or else you’ll go to bed and STILL not sleep because you’re thinking of how close you are to done! :-)

  12. Erin Says:

    Very inspired by your gloves. Anything complicated in knitting terrifies me, but then once I do it it usually works out. Unless it’s at night and then I am too much of a zombie to do anything. Good thing there’s basketball practice for the kiddos. :)

  13. Jen Says:

    Those stitches will make up the thumb portion of your gloves. You’ll put those stitches back on your dpns, pick up four stitches from the actual glove and maybe a few more to close up any gaps. You’re doing great!

  14. Sylvia - artsy ants Says:

    Hey there! That is so funny i still remember my first fingerless gloves and how i was “shaking” about that sentence. you will just pick up those stitches again and pick up some more alongside the “hole” and continue knitting for a while to keep your thumb warm was well ;-))

    good luck, can’t wait to see them when they’re finished. sometimes, a night of missing sleep for knitting is just totally worth it!

  15. Amy Says:

    Yay for the thumb hole! I love the toasty pattern as well.

  16. lori Says:

    yay! congratulations! you’ll be done in no time now (late night knitting does that!). you will know just what to do once you come back to finish your thumb. and i do believe socks will be next if you want!
    xx lori

  17. Angela Says:

    So I am now inspired! You are knitting so well-congrats! Thanks for sharing. That thumb hole rocks!

  18. Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} Says:

    your fingerless mitt looks great and congrats on getting the hole finished! Happy knitting :)

  19. WeyMama Says:

    That type of waste yarn hole (“afterthought heel”, I think?) is what I had to use for the armholes on my big sweater I was knitting last month. :) It can be really scary, but it works out okay if you pay attention when you pick the stitches back up. Right now I am trying to finish an awesome book I just renewed through the library, “The Painted Table: How to Honor Mother without Becoming Her”. I think it is autobiographically-based fiction, a very good read, and it is really making me reflect on my own parents and the seeds they have transmitted to me. I’m also doing a lot more cooking than I normally would…we are getting a new stove delivered on Monday, so I am hoping to keep the excitement going so that we eat better choices instead of just what’s convenient. Craftwise, I made my daughter a puzzle a few days ago that she has already destroyed because being my first attempt, it wasn’t quite right. *L* I’m also working on knitting her some adorable cupcakes for her tea party picnics, but I took a break after making two in one night because I need some other colors of yarn and don’t want to spend money on that right now. LOL I like the look of your gloves, though…I am sitting here typing in a pair of standard stretchy gloves that I cut the finger tips off and sewed the raw edges years ago and they’ve now frayed, making typing difficult, so that might be my next project. And then there’s my reinvigorated blog and FreePlayLife’s challenges…maybe I am doing too much lately. Hehe.

  20. kells Says:

    um you are doing smashingly! I can’t believe you are making gloves! and that you know what any of that gibberish meant to make that hole! wow. great job….

  21. angie Says:

    Nice job on the hole! It’s amazing how we find gratification in such small things isn’t it.

  22. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh you are knitting one of my favorite fingerless mitt patterns. All of us here have a pair excpet for my youngest. Yours look great. And I totally understand the midnight knitting. I was binding off my shawl at 12:20am, I was just so close I couldn’t stop.

  23. Shannon Says:

    I love THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY. Some of the language seems a little dated, but if I reword affirmations and such the principles are as good as ever. The glove is lovely. :)

  24. Kim Says:

    Love your little hole, and yay for fingerless gloves, they are the best. Stillness Speaks sounds wonderful, am adding it to my list right now, thanks.

  25. jenparsons Says:

    thanks everyone for stopping by and giving me tidbits to learn, info on what you are doing and lots of happy thoughts! I <3 wednesdays!


  26. heather r Says:

    Great job jumping into the glove pattern. Socks are the same. The first one is hard, but every one after it is done the same way. Easy!

  27. cpcable Says:

    I love that you’re having success with these gloves! Wear them with pride, my friend. You’ve earned it! :)

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