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Knitting A Thumb Hole?

So I decided to sleep in this morning since the kiddos went to bed so late and were sleeping in.  Instead of getting up and blogging and starting our day, I hid in my room, took the time to meditate, read the second mindfulness training from Plum Village Monastery, and began perusing a book called If It’s Not Food Don’t Eat It. It was next to my nightstand and all my other books I am currently reading were in the living room.  Not worth the risk of waking the kiddies up to go get them.


And then the kids got up. And our day has begun.  They are eating breakfast, yummy coffee cake from yesterday, and some yogurt, while I get this post up and think of breaking out the Omega Juicer for breakfast.

The knitting has hit a SNAG this week.  A big snag.  I finished the body of the glove then cast off, easy as pie.  Then I watched a You Tube video to try to figure out how to pick up the stitches for the thumb.  I knitted a thumb.  Then realized that there were a couple of large spaces in the knitting of the thumb AND it was inside out.  The knit was on the inside of the thumb hole and the backside was on the outside.

So I ripped it out and have yet to find the time to find another video.  We had a blasted busy Saturday and Sunday I played catchup with making a list of things that need to get done in the garden and in my life.  The list is long.  I am not feeling any pressure to get to it, actually feeling like I have knowledge of what it is, instead of the rambling thoughts in my brain that get lost.

knitting fingerless gloves the evolving homemaker

So you can see my needle holding the four stitches that I had to ‘hold’ for later.  I will figure this out.  I will.  I want theses gloves.

I am still reading the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, and will be for the next five weeks as long as the class goes.  And went back to I Need Your Love-Is That True.  Funny, the day I finished Stillness Speaks and went back to this one, a friend posted she was reading Loving What Is by Byron Katie.  She was loving it, so it will probably be next on my list since I am enjoying the philosophy of I Need Your Love so much.

That is it for my reading and knitting update for this week.  Not much to share since I have found myself stuck at the moment.  Hope you all are having better luck this week!

Joining, albeit late, with the weekly Yarn Along!


5 Responses to “Knitting A Thumb Hole?”

  1. Mama Wolf (WeyMama) Says:

    Good luck with your thumb holes. With my sweater, I had larger than normal spaces on each end, too, but I attributed it to the pattern, which had yarnovers at each end (I really should post an image some time).

    To get the thumb right side out, after you pick up your stitches, you may have to push the needle around to the front of the fabric, if that makes sense. What might also work–I think this is how I did it for the second sleeve–is to take note of how knit stitches look on your needle (which part of the V is on the needle, I guess, is a way to describe it), and make sure that your picked up stitches match. Then when you start working the thumb hole from the picked up stitches, be sure you start with the first stitch you knitted onto waste yarn. As you get halfway around, keeping your working yarn tighter may eliminate the hole you wound up with. Check each individual stitch carefully to make sure it’s still in pattern. I honestly don’t remember how that worked when I did it, but you may have to knit back a few stitches and change how your needle is in there. Good luck! You’ll love them when they’re finished! :)

    [here’s a laugh…my ‘CAPTCHA’ code is ‘YNAP’. Why? I’ll tell you ‘why nap?’!…hehe.]

  2. swanski Says:

    I do hope you figure out the thumb knitting, keep searching the internet someone has to have an excellent tutorial somewhere…right?

  3. Tracey Says:

    Yes, you will figure this out! There are numerous videos that can help, you just need to find the one that clicks with you.
    Did you break out the juicer? Mine sits center stage on the cabinet so I will use it.
    Happy yarn along day.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    You’ll wake up in the middle of the night and have figured out the thumb conundrum. Good luck. You can do it!

  5. Erin @ Wild Whispers Says:

    You can do it! Also, I think you left a comment recently that got shuffled to my spam and was accidentally deleted… SORRY! I’ll look more carefully next time I go through my folders! HUGS!

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