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How To Sew A Water Bottle Holder

A few months back, a friend of mine sent me this link with a project she thought I would like to do.  I did want to do this project and thought about it all the time.  Yet, I never quite had time to get er’ done.  What else is new?

Well thanks to our weekly hikes/walks we have been taking, I have had the perfect push to get these things finally banged out.  How long can one Mom listen to, “Mom I am thhhiiiirrrrrsssstttttyyy” on the trail before she does something about it?

Here is the coolest ever water bottle holder pattern link from Pink Chalk Studio.  It was quite the little adventure for me to sew these.  First off, my sewing machine was behaving quite strangely.  The needle broke the first night, and than the whole time working on my daughters, the stitches were sticking out and not getting that tight.  It looked terrible, but only up close, which has given me time to do her brothers and take a break before I remake hers.

What is so interesting, is that as I was watching a YouTube tutorial about the french seam, I was so jealous of the lady who had this thread cutter actually in the side of her machine.  I thought to myself, “What a swell invention that was!”,   never realizing for a moment that my machine actually had one too, which I didn’t notice till like a day later.

Then as I was trying to fix the stitches.  This was really frustrating.  I would turn one knob, then another, then take out the bobbin, then re-thread the bobbin, and not until I tried to re-thread the machine as a last resort did I realize there is a stinkin’ knob above the needle.  Uh huh.  A knob.  And you wanna know what that knob does?  Adjusts the tension.  You wanna know how many years I have fought with such annoyances and given up on sewing all together?

Uh huh.  A lot.

So we are back in business.  Here are the photos of the kids holders, like I said I will be doing the pink one over again, and I still have yet to make mine which I think would be awesome for trips to the zoo, hikes, etc.

Try them!  They will make your load so much lighter when your kids are carrying THEIR OWN bottles.  Genius really.

the evolving homemaker sew water bottle carrier

His and Hers…

the evolving homemaker make a water bottle holder

The pattern calls to only sew the straps once, but I sewed them twice to hold better, and I also sewed twice along the bottom seam when I sewed the circle to the body of the holder.  Water can be heavy, especially with ice and kids swinging the whole bag around, better safe than sorry!

the evolving homemaker how to sew a water bottle holder

In action!

the evolving homemaker make your own water carrier


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  1. Grace Says:

    Love these! I too recently made my own water bottle carrier. I like your idea for reinforcement and wish that I had thought of that too. You can check out mine here:

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