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Dying Playsilks

We went to a friends house on Tuesday to dye playsilks.

I must admit she did ALL of the research in how to take part in this little activity.  She did all the diligent reading and then pieced together from all the differing opinions what directions we would do.  You can read her blog post about our day here.

First she ordered all the silks per specifications on what we wanted, from the Dharma Trading Company.

Then we purchased lots and lots and lots of Kool-Aid.

First we soaked the silks in hot tap water with a bit of distilled vinegar, maybe 1/4 C for like 15-30 mins.  I don’t know for sure, of course we had children there who required managing and feeding and it became much more of a wing it exercise, at least for me.   We then took 5 C of simmering water and put it in a separate pot with more vinegar, amount of vinegar depending on the size of the silk, most of ours were 30×30, but I got a few that were longer for the kids to have. I would say it was 1/4 C to 1/2 C.

It was nice, smart, to have one pot simmering water and other pots available for actual dying.

Once the water and vinegar was in the pot, it was time to add the Kool-Aid color.

dying playsilks the evolving homemaker

We stirred the mixture till it was dissolved and then added two silks at a time.

the evolving homemaker dying playsilks kool aid

It was pretty important to keep moving the silks around at first, our first two yellow ones turned out really light and white in a few bigger areas because I didn’t mix them while they were absorbing the color.  You can see the color leave the water and color the silks.  When there is no more color in the pot of water, they are done!

the evolving homemaker playsilks art project for kids

These were the colors we did at my friends house.  Yellow, pink, blue, and red.  I did not have pink lemonade at my local store, so she was kind enough to share for my little ‘princess’ who loves pink.  And for the blue, we used 20 drops of food coloring.

I still have a pot full of like 30 Kool-Aid packets!  We did not get all of ours done, I still have 6 left, but I am looking forward to trying some tie-dye versions and get a bit more creative now that I understand what to do, and don’t mind making a bigger mess in my kitchen than I would have wanted to make in a friends!  With Kool-Aid.  On counters and floors.  And kids.

I will update this project next week when the kids and I have gotten crazy with some dye!  I am dreaming of hanging them on a line and just watching them blow in the spring-ish breeze!

I have been wanting to try tie-dying shirts with the kids, but have been too afraid, I think this got me in the mood to try sometime soon though!  Maybe in the summer when we can dye outside…not on the white 1973 linoleum in our kitchen!

(Sorry for the lack of great photos, my camera is still MIA and I used my kids camera’s!)

Spill it: Have you ever done a dye project with your kids?  What things beside playsilks have you attempted?


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  1. Ann Richmond Says:

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to try this. You are amazing, momma.

  2. Playsilks! « EarthwiseMama Says:

    […] We placed one silk in this pot, and swirled it around until it was submerged in the dye bath. Then we left it there a while, wandered off and played elsewhere, came back to check our silk’s progress, intermittently swirling the silk around in the dye… (side note: the smell?!? It was out of this world, and so reminded me of my childhood! Isaiah remarked that it smelled good enough to drink, “if it weren’t such junk, right Mama?” Right. While Kool-Aid shopping earlier, my friend’s son asked her why they make it look like it’s something you could eat, when it’s not? She decided to let him assume that, obviously, a packet of dye should not be ingested! You can read her post about this project here.) […]

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