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Avocado And White Bean Wrap

Last month when my kids were puking their tiny little guts out, a dear friend offered to bring us over some dinner so I could get a momentary break from the week of constant bucket grabbing, face wiping, cartoon watching, fluid monitoring, non-showering, sleep lacking, chaos that was my experience at that moment.

Another friend brought me coffee from Starbucks.

Yes, I know I am THAT lucky.

I recently had a chance to try making the easy Creamy Avocado and White Bean Wrap recipe my friend had brought for dinner.  On any given day I often do have almost all of these ingredients poking around my cupboards and fridge so it is nice to have a recipe you can pull up in the witching hour.  I am the witch if you must know, the witch of making lovely healthy food for my family only to hear the little ones retort in some way other than, “Wow Mom! This looks so great!  I know it is good for me, so I feel very blessed to eat it, and I know it will be as delicious as it looks.”

The only ingredient I didn’t have on hand was the 2 teaspoons finely chopped canned chipotle chile in adobo sauce.  My friend used it and it definitely was the yummy kicker that made a difference.  I will get it next time I am at the store so I have it on hand for this recipe.  I find that I HATE eating lunch these days because I am so bored of sandwiches, cheese and crackers, chips in salsa which I will do in a desperate moment, and all other things lunch related.  So is my husband.

Now, we have a new weapon in our arsenal of lunchtime boredom.  Yeah.  It really is the little things.

avocado and bean wraps the evolving homeamaker

The great thing about this is how stinkin’ easy it is, you mash up some avocado with some beans, add some cheese.

veggie slaw for wraps the evolving homemaker

Toss the veggies in the food processor, chop some cilantro, add the dressing and put it in a whole wheat tortilla.

Yum.  And beautiful to look at too.  I think food should be beautiful.  If it isn’t beautiful, it probably isn’t that good for you.  I should know, I just ate homemade coffee cake.  It wasn’t beautiful, it did taste delicious, but probably is not that good for you, and I will have that recipe for you next week!

So skip the pb & j with the kids this week and go for something a bit more ‘grown-up’, your taste buds will be happy, oh so happy, you took care of them.


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  1. Janine Says:

    I’m so glad you tried them yourself and discovered how quick and easy they truly are. Realize, too, that it’s much easier to get chipotle pepper powder instead of the canned chili’s so it’s one more ingredient you’ll always have at the ready. You just put a pinch or two in (depending on how peppery you like it) and a dash more vinegar. It’s also easy to make vegan by leaving out the cheese (I think that’s how you had it). Try it, everyone, you’ll love them!

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